Chakrabongse Villas

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Weddings at Chakrabongse Villas
Designed especially for you

Whatever your ideas are for a wedding in Thailand, we can turn your dreams into reality. At Chakrabongse Villas, we can organize everything from beginning to end, leaving you free to simply choose that special date and your family and friends who will be sharing your most memorable day.

Please view below, some ideas and examples of what you might require, when getting married in Thailand.

“The Venue. Choose any one of our Splendid Thai Villas and we will arrange everything from the extensive choice Thai Buffet Menu, Buddhist Monks, A legal Civil Ceremony, Traditional Thai Dancers, Elephant Procession, Thai Drummers, and Flowers. In addition, should you require we can assist with a bespoke Tailor to make that special traditional Thai outfit or a European design of your choice.”

“The Villas can be decorated with flower petals, fragrant jasmine, orchids and floral archways. White and pale pink lotus flowers can float in the pool whilst all open-air spaces can be lit with candles and torches at night.”

“A traditional Thai Buddhist ceremony is performed by up to five monks who garland the bride and groom with a string sai mongkon that is then entwined to symbolize the coming together of two individuals. The couple is then blessed with holy water. The wedding party may wish to elaborate on the blessing with traditional Thai music and dancers, followed by a Thai feast.”

“Wedding advisor. At Chakrabongse Villas we can supply you with a Wedding Advisor, who will be able to communicate with you and will be on hand when you arrive. You can rest assured that they will have your best interests at heart and in hand and will make sure that your day goes according to plan. We can help create the perfect day.”